Shit My Narcissist Says

In the midst of an attempted discussion (you can guess just how swimmingly that went) regarding serious relationship and communication issues, this turd rose to the top of the shit heap:

“What personal responsibility do you claim in regards to these issues? For what problems do you accept fault, even partially?”

“I apologized when I bumped into you this morning and I admitted last week that I broke that dish!”

Then he got angry when I laughed in the face of his obvious absurdity, blamed me for his temper tantrum (because I was “deliberately inciting a reaction in him for my own amusement,” and told me that “he wasn’t obligated to give me a straight answer to that question or any question ever.”

Like trying to knock down a brick wall by spitting at it…


A Deeper Analysis of Narcissus

If you haven’t read The Last Psychiatrist then hop up on it because the guy can verbalize the intricacies of psychopathic personalities like no other.

The Second Story of Echo and Narcissus

What Borderlines and Narcissists Fear Most

Antisocials and Narcissists: Know ‘Em and No ‘Em #2

Part 1

Six more things you should know about psychopathic personalities:

  1. The Psychopathic will go to ridiculous lengths and pull outrageous shenanigans when trying to frame a victim for something The Psycho did. Whatever stunt they pulled will be crazy enough to make you sound like the whack-job instead of them if you try to tell someone what they’ve done. You’ll sound paranoid, delusional, jealous, deranged, and unbelievable while The Psycho stands back with the crowd, shaking his head and tsk-tsking over just how nuts you’ve become. For example, this came to light in the Burns-Rafay murder trial…sick
  2. Sociopaths fear losing control and being exposed for who they really are. Narcissists fear abandonment and losing their source of supply (if they don’t have another one lined up and ready to be swapped in).
  3. If they’re going down, they will make every attempt to take you down with them. If they get caught stealing they’ll tell the judge you paid them to do it. If they get caught up in a murder they committed…you dismembered and buried the body. If they get caught cheating…you seduced them even though they approached you at that bar and told you they were single.
  4. Their basic attitude can be summed up in a very immature weakling cowardice-laced motto: GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU.
  5. They know that perception is reality, hence the phony personas. Those facades disguise the ugly evil gollum that is their true self. Their image means everything to the narc/socio because it gets them what they want and need. If their veneer cracks then they feel like they’re in the old taking-a-test-you’re-unprepared-for-plus-you’re nude-in-your-high-school dream. If you get a peep underneath their mask then you become public enemy #1 to them because *gasp* you could tell everyone that The Psycho is not that great. Prepare to be slandered via smear campaign when this happens because they have to make sure everyone knows how lame you are just in case you tell someone that The Psycho sucks.
  6. The one weapon they have no shield against is the pure unadulterated truth. If you suspect that someone in your life may be possessed of a character disorder but aren’t ready to kick them to the curb, start collecting evidence. Save all texts, emails, letters, record your phone conversations. You never know when or why they’ll come in handy. I blew the lid off my narcissistic sociopath ‘best friend’ by posting online all the letters he sent me from prison (behind his wife’s back, I might add. And I haven’t even put up the worst ones. Yet.). A multi-level victory for me, as I simultaneously exposed him, humiliated him, and pissed him off royally (which usually is not recommended, but now if he does anything to me there’s a stack of evidence that points directly in his face.) Plus his response to my wicked burn was cringingly hilarious…he deliberately withholds MY fake apology, further humiliates himself and his fiancee (who he’s been talking about dumping for a very long while, but “My mom said I can’t break up with her until I can pay all my bills by myself.” He’s in his 40’s), and makes him look like a complete jackass. Brent Delzer liar manipulator

Antisocials and Narcissists: Know ‘Em and No ‘Em

Part 2

Six Things You Should Know About Psychopathic Personalities

  1. These people don’t suffer from psychosis, they are devoid of morals. They’re not crazy, they’re evil. They know right from wrong but they consciously choose to do wrong if it serves their own needs.
  2. This is a permanent condition. They will never change. You cannot help them.
  3. Every social situation is a competition/contest/game to them. Even the insignificant stuff. Your confused protests of “But it’s NOT a competition!” mean precisely dick and squat.
  4. They will not say or do anything that doesn’t benefit themselves in some way on some level.
  5. If you “do something to them” they will not forget about it until they have satisfied themselves by punishing you. If they see an opportunity for revenge fifty years later they will take it.
  6. “Who you are” to a Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath means nothing when they feel threatened and start “defending” themselves. You’re going under the bus whether you be a best friend, husband, or parent.

Protected: The Narc Doubles Up On His Own Definition

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